Share Four Somethings – July 2018

I can’t believe we’ve blown through another month! These four weeks have been packed with camping, football practices, family visits and rest. I’m linking up with Heather Gerwing for #sharefoursomethings again and highlighting my favorite things from July!

Something Loved

I loved my weekend alone while my men were camping. It’s one of my favorite family traditions, which is ironic since I don’t participate in the actual camping part. But as the mother of pre-teen boys, I am deeply grateful for my husband’s willingness to pour wisdom and truth into them while seeking adventure.

Something Said

This month for The Glorious Table I wrote about Barna Research Group’s newest report about how Generation Z is processing their faith. It’s alarming to me how far we’re moving as a nation from the Biblical definition of faith found in Hebrews 11. I believe this is a situation where we cannot bury our head in the sand and expect it to work itself out.

Something Learned

I’ve spent the summer in 1 and 2 Corinthians with the summer She Reads Truth study. A friend and I decided to invest in the workbooks and I’m so thankful we did. This has been a timely study and the weekly discussions have added an important layer.

While this is not something new, this month I have been reminded how important it is to compare what other people say the Bible says to what the Bible actually says.

Something Read

As an Enneagram 2 I relate on MANY levels to this post by fellow coach’s wife Kelly Youngblood. She says. “When you’ve moved around as much as I have, belonging is a lot harder to come by and fitting in is–in the short run–is a lot easier.”  Read more on Kelly’s post How Do You Like Your Eggs.

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