Share Four Somethings – June 2019

share four somethings - link up with Heather Gerwing

I’m linking up for June Share Four Somethings over at Heather Gerwing’s blog! Check out what I shared last month here.

Something Loved

We spent the first part of the month in Colorado visiting my husband’s side of the family. It was great to see cousins who rarely spend time together get along so well. We enjoyed some time in our favorite Colorado Springs space, Garden of the Gods.

I also discovered my new favorite restaurant Larkburger. Unfortunately, this gluten-free mecca is only in Colorado but after having my first ice cream cone and fried pickles in almost 3 years I’m launching a campaign to bring them to our area.

Something Said

Right now you can listen to Almost Holy Mama for free on Spotify! Check out this second book released this year by Courtney Ellis for free! Prefer to read? No worries you can still purchase a copy here.

Almost Holy Mama

Something Learned

Have you heard about cell phone horns? Forbes reports: “Well, this is terrifying.”

“Researchers at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia have found evidence that our frequent use of mobile devices could be fundamentally altering our physiology. Specifically, they’re seeing horn-like bone spurs appear on younger adults (the most frequent users of those devices).” Read the rest of the article here and for goodness sake look up once in a while!

Something Read

I had my annual mole check at the dermatologist this month. I was prepped and ready for a biopsy on my left leg, but instead it was my left should that caused the doctor to take notice. I’m still waiting on the results but this I know, if it is something it was caught early because I get checked regularly. Obviously I’m not an expert!

Mayo Clinic reports that the risk of melanoma seems to be increasing in people under 40, especially women.  Our ozone layer is thinning and many medications make us more sensitive to the sun. Read more about melanoma here.

Well, that’s what I’m sharing this month! Head to Heather Gerwing’s blog to see what other’s are sharing and to link up too!

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