Share Four Somethings June 2020

share four somethings

It’s time for another month of link-ups with Heather Gerwing’s Share Four Somethings. Part of me can’t believe we’re entering Phase 4 here in Illinois (wahoo!) and yet we’ve spent a lot of time still locked down this June.

Something Loved

I loved getting to connect with friends this month! Girl time has become such a luxury in this season of chaos and even with social distancing rules I’ve been able to share coffee, lunch, and intentional conversation with some of my favorite people in person this month.

Something Read

I think like many I’m consuming a lot of articles these days. I’ve been especially grateful for the black voices that have been elevated in response to George Floyd’s death. I think the most important point to make is that all the resources were already published. The conversations that the minority community has been having for decades is one that many have just started to pay attention to, and while that’s great, it’s most important to remember that the books weren’t published in response to George Floyd. They were published because the Church has always had division they have needed to address. Skye Jethani’s USA Today article isn’t getting nearly the attention it deserves. Likely because the title feels divisive. Look past the title, this is about the need to unite the church. Skye asks an important question. “Is the Bible still the foundation of the faith, or has it become a tool of political tribalism?”

I wrote Unity: The Heart of a Coach’s Wife which I hope resonates with many as well.

Something Treasured

We celebrated our 19th anniversary this month! Of course, things were simple because well, that’s life these days. However, that’s fine with me because a simple celebration this year will hopefully allow for a bigger celebration on our 20th! It’s hard to believe that these kids have moved multiple times, had babies who are now teenagers, and are still figuring out what next week will look like.

Something Ahead

I’m getting closer to launching my book! I released my cover this month and I’m SO excited to share it with everyone! You can learn more about the book subject, hear my recent podcast interviews and download my media kit here!

Lessons from the Sidelines front cover final

Head to Heather’s blog to link up with your Share Four Somethings and see what others are sharing for June 2020!

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