Share Four Somethings March 2019

Share Four Somethings

I’m linking up for another month of #sharefoursomething with Heather Gerwing!

Something Loved

We loved our weekend last weekend in Kansas City with some of our favorite coaching families. While I didn’t get a picture this year, I wrote a post from our time last year.

This year we were able to reintroduce our kids to Andy and hear him tell our boys if it wasn’t for him Ordell and I wouldn’t have dated. We loved getting to see dear friends and catch up on life, and of course, correct Andy’s version of the past too.

Something Said

You job title isn't bleacher circus tamer

Every Monday over in the Friday Night Wives (Behind the Lines) group I post a word of encouragement. Sometimes those also make their way to my Instagram account. This particular quote was inspired by Brene Brown but is a timely reminder for us Coaches’ wives who need a little help remembering to hold our tongues. 😉

Something Learned

I learned the most amazing trick from Heather this month! She posted a photo of herself ironing her shirt pocket with her curling iron!!!

Ya’ll I cannot tell you how confused I was until I read the caption. To be fair, with naturally curly hair I don’t own use a curling iron or a flat iron, but man I wish I did now!

Something Read

I’m reading The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman right now and I cannot tell you how much I’m loving it enough. It’s amazing and if you love the podcast you will adore the book. Plus, the preorder giveaways are insanely amazing.

Head over the Heather Gerwing’s blog to link up and see what others are sharing this month!