Share Four Somethings March 2021

It’s March and I can hardly believe how much has changed in just a few weeks! We’ve gone from months and months of hardly having anything to do outside our homes to a calendar full of activities with schedules to juggle. Entering 2021 I think we continue to learn how challenging it is to try to plan too far in advance. However, I’m hopeful things will start to find more of a normal rhythm by the summer.

Something Loved

fridays favorite finds

I’ve started something fun over on Instagram on Fridays!

Fridays Favorite Finds is a space to share one or more amazing things, person, or place you have discovered that the world needs to know more about.

Using the hashtag #fridaysfavoritefinds along with this image I’ve featured my favorite new coffee pot, my must listen to podcasts, and some snacks I’m loving.

I love having a space to share something I think is awesome which someone else might also enjoy. I hope you’ll check out my favorite finds and consider joining me with your favorites too!

Something Read (or Said)

This month I read two books. Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski is a very thorough book about a topic that impacts most people to some degree. Burnout is a much larger issue than many people realize. It impacts men and women differently and I appreciate that this book focuses on how Burnout directly affects women. That said, for me this book was overkill. I didn’t find the information presented here groundbreaking, in fact, many of the strategies for avoiding burnout are ones I’ve written about in my own blog posts and book and I did it with thousands of fewer words.

The Freshman: 15 Lessons to Ace the Next Semester of Your Life by Chad Simpson. This book is written as a short fiction novel that presents real-world scenarios I’ve seen occur year after year on college campuses. The author’s goal is simple. To cast vision for students entering college and help them think a few months down the road of their college careers. It’s a quick read and clear message.

The Freshman by Chad Simpson Quote

Something Treasured

A few weeks ago part of parent-teacher conferences included hearing Elijah’s recent poem. His assignment was to select a photo and write a poem about it. There have been many moments when I’ve wondered whether our voice as parents is still influential. Listening to Elijah read his poem Something and then discuss his reason for writing it reminded me that the seeds we plant will sprout in our kids in some pretty awesome ways. Elijah was even willing to allow me to publish his poem on my blog.

Something Ahead

This month is going to be a crazy one as we finally kick off the football season as well as Elijah’s tennis season. We haven’t had much chaos so I’m expecting it will take us a bit to jump back onto the hamster wheel for a bit, but the season is short and by mid-April, we’ll be down to only tennis matches.

share four somethings

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  1. I saw your #fridayfavoritefinds and meant to contribute, but obviously forgot. I’ll try again next Friday. 🙂

    Spring football feels weird to me, but it’s better than no football.

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