Share Four Somethings May 2022

We’re celebrating birthdays, first jobs, and the end of school this May! It’s amazing how each month wraps up with so many milestones to remember.

Something Loved

Beth and Angel take Chicago

I loved spending the afternoon exploring Navy Pier with my dear friend from Georgia. When work trips bring people to the best city in the world I’ll gladly make the trip to spend quality time in person talking about the important and unimportant things life brings.

In Lessons from the Sidelines, I write about how it’s important to pursue in-person friendship rather than allowing isolation of online connections to become your priority. I’m so grateful for the times when those I treasure most are back in my orbit.

Something Gleaned

There were a lot of heartaches to absorb this month. As the wife of an educator, the mother of two bi-racial sons, and the daughter-in-law of a former Chicago Police officer I find myself hearing many sides of every discussion when tragedy strikes. Similarly, because I grew up in the church and today I continue to work with ministries impacted by the SBC I’m acutely aware of the devastating ripple impact of the most recent Southern Baptist Conference investigation.

Even before the darkest of information was released our pastor included this quote in his sermon message about the beatitudes. I’ve continued to reflect on this as those who claim to follow Jesus argue their choices were made to further the mission of The Great Commission.

Something Saved

This month I loved episode 97 from the podcast No Stupid Question which asks “Are Women Really Less Happy Than Men?” The conversation was enlightening and for the most part balanced.

Something Achieved

I’ve read and listened to audiobooks to 28 books so far this year. This is by far the best year of content consumption I’ve had in well over a decade and I’m thrilled with this achievement. I’ve got a ton of amazing books on my list for the summer and now that work is slowing down a bit I’m actually finding time to hang out and savor what I’m reading a bit longer.

What are you celebrating this month? Head over the Heather Gerwing’s blog to share and see what others are posting as well.

share four somethings 2022

18 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings May 2022”

  1. I’m so glad Barb. It’s a quote that has stuck with me as well. I’m grateful for leaders who challenge us to dig deeper in our faith.

  2. Ha! I wonder if you’ll be surprised by the info they share! I’m super happy about my girlfriend time too!

  3. I’ve had slow years of reading too. Sometimes other things need to remain priorities! Thanks for stopping by Cindy!

  4. Sounds like a lot of good things mixed with hard things this month. I love reading and I think it’s great you have read 28 books this year! My reading has slowed down the last two months and I am hoping it goes back up, just not sure it will. Have a great month!

  5. So glad you got to spend time with a friend!

    I can’t believe you left us hanging with that podcast. I may have to go listen to it now. 🙂

  6. I, too, am so grateful for in-person friendships. The “effort” involved in keeping them thriving, healthy and enjoyable is totally worth it!

  7. Navigating difficulties within the Body of Christ will continue to occur in one form or another. I’m glad you found this quote helpful too!

  8. Yes! Preaching through the Beatitudes has been challenging, but there are so many foundational parts of Christianity in there it’s been a great series.

  9. It’s wonderful to connect with people face-to-face! I’m so glad you had the opportunity to spend time with your friend from Georgia. Great quote from your pastor! Congratulations on finishing 28 audiobooks! Woohoo! May you have a wonderful summer of enjoyable reading, Beth!

  10. That’s a wonderfully thought-provoking quote from the pastor. Especially since we should all agree there are many things in our world that do need to change, and only the gospel can make a heart-difference.

  11. Beth, spending time building relationships is a gift we both give and receive-definitely something loved! It is sad to navigate all that has been happening with the SBC-having fled a legalistic church, the quote from your pastor really hits home for me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on a difficult situation.

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