Share Four Somethings October 2020

Something Loved

This month I finally had time at work to play around with a new free program from Powtoon! I chose to use the free version of this tool to create a short video highlighting the 5 Stages of Burnout which is something I cover in my book. Check out my first Powtoon video below:

Something Read

I set up my GoodReads Author profile and moved all my book reviews over to that platform this month! I’ve blogged for a very long time and after awhile the content is so deep into the website even the search engines won’t find it! It was so fun going back through all the amazing books I’ve read as a book reviewer throughout the years.

goodreads author profile

Something Treasured

Over the last few months I’ve picked up my tennis racket again after a VERY long hiatus. As we help prep our Sophomore for the spring tennis season I’ve found Sunday afternoons on the tennis court to be a combination of frustration, exhaustion, and delight. Thankfully muscle memory hasn’t failed me yet and I’ve improved every week. However, I’m most grateful for the moments where I can encourage our son. He’s improving every week and his dedication to doing so is clear. He’s coachable attitude is delightful to observe with his instructor at lessons and to be on the receiving end of on Sundays. I know if we were in a different year and restrictions weren’t what they are these Sundays may not have happened, so I’m thankful for an opportunity to build positive memories in an otherwise pretty dismal year.

Something Ahead

Top 5 on My Bucket List

I found a bucket list I wrote in 2016 this month and I’ve given it a 2020 update. It was fun to read through the dreams I whispered just a few years ago and realize I’ve already accomplished one! I added a few new items to my list and I’m adding space in my block calendar to make them happen.

I’m linking up with Heather Gerwing for Share Four Somethings! Head to her blog to see what others are sharing and link up with us! Check out the dates below to see when the last few for this year are going to be hosted.

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