Share Four Somethings – September 2019

I can hardly believe September is almost over. We have hardly begun to experience fall weather here in Central, IL which I’m not upset about. If we can get through the football season without pulling out our winter gear I always consider that a success.

Reflecting on this month while it seems like it’s flown by, we’ve packed a ton into the weeks as we often do in September trying to find new routines with the start of the school year.

Something Loved

One thing I loved this month was reinstating Slow Saturdays. This isn’t anything official on our calendar but it is an intentional choice on my part. I don’t make plans to run errands and I don’t commit to do anything ahead of time. I work hard to make sure work deadlines are met during the week so that I can relax or focus on something of my choice rather than other people’s expectations and needs.

It’s also a day I rarely cook dinner. We either grill or eat leftovers so the day is one where I hand off all my normal responsibilities. Slow Saturday benefits often include long walks, time at the Farmer’s Market, and a breakfast or coffee date. This month I was able to have a spontaneous breakfast with a coach’s wife friend who was in town for a game. This sweet friend was someone I spent a week each summer with for many years and was thrilled to chat with for a few hours and catch up.

Something Said

My friend Anne Rulo wrote a reflection post about the last year of her writing and speaking journey. In her post A Year of Saying Yes Anne said ” many of the yeses we are called to don’t require huge life change. They require heart change.” She then goes on to outline some key lessons she has learned that we need to help us say yes.

This was one of them: 

To say yes we need a healthy relationship with vulnerability. We rarely feel completely “ready” to step into something new. In fact, I suspect God intends it this way. If He calls us to something He will equip us along the way. However, there is not a single shred of Biblical evidence that He ever equipped anyone fully at the beginning. (You know, except Jesus.) He very often sends His people out feeling vulnerable so He can be their strength.”

Something Learned

I can still try a new recipe and now that my kids are older they will at least try it rather than cry and refuse to eat.

I did a simple twist on stuffed peppers using Bush’s Beans Black Bean Fiesta and 1/2 a pound of chorizo. I didn’t drain the can of beans but after browning the chorizo added it to the meat and warmed it while slicing the peppers.

I’d intended to add rice, but the mixture was hearty enough on its own and I only had 3 peppers on hand so instead, we had 6 half peppers of meat and southwest beans topped with shredded cheese and then I served the rice on the side and topped the peppers with guacamole just before eating them.

We will have that meal again for sure. And the best part is, I know it is one that can be prepped ahead of time as well.

Something Read

Have you heard of the book Just Mercy? I hadn’t until my boss sent me this YouTube link and asked if Ordell and were aware the movie is coming out in December. He just finished the book recently. This is on my “Something to Read” list 😉

Here’s the official trailer for the moving starring Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan:

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