Share Four Somethings September 2020

Something Loved

This month I spent a good amount of time promoting my book. However the part I loved the most was getting to speak with wives from around the country who represent the different audiences in the book. As a coach’s wife, I spend a lot of time with other athletic spouses, however, our lives aren’t completely unique. In Lessons from the Sidelines, I also feature interviews from military wives and pastors’ wives. I LOVED speaking with my friend and pastor’s wife Lori. She was so encouraging and offered so many wise things to consider on the subjects of calling, raising kids (8 total!) grandparenting, adult kids, and the life of a pastor’s wife. Check out our conversation here.

Something Read

I finished Lisa Whittle’s Put Your Warrior Boots On this month. It’s an older book, released in 2017 but every word was completely relevant for today.

Lisa focuses on:

  • Confirm truth and keep anti-biblical messages from misleading you
  • Develop passion for defending your beliefs without letting personal pride interfere
  • Outfit your days to support your faith so your dedication doesn’t fizzle

Something Treasured

I’ve treasured a new role that started as the chaplain for the women’s U of I swim and dive team. It’s fun to be back with college ministry for a little bit.

Something Ahead

I’m looking forward to less time on social media. Now that the bulk of the book promotion days are over I’m really excited to close up some of my social accounts and focus on serving my readers more intentionally in specific spaces. My blog, Mighty Network, and Instagram will be the main spaces.

I’m linking up with Heather Gerwing for another month of #sharefoursomethings Head to her blog to see what others are sharing!

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