Something by Elijah Walker

And while the sun was smiling brightly

Those soldiers were lined up to die

And the sun never wavered in his joy

As if they had never heard of a knight’s honor

They back-stabbed their friends after stripping them of their armor

And they did it with no shame, for all the world see

The way a child might collect his toys

They piled up the dolls, whether girl or boy

And they did it with such a dispassionate attitude

Those toys were tossed away not because of a fault

Simply the children didn’t like the color

We all bleed the same and the toys all burned the same

What you see before you is the past catching up

Time’s arrow only marches forward

Yet it was only fired once from a hate-filled position

And thus you can never change the hate between religions

The Armenians were nothing but a scapegoat to them

Out of fear and frustration the Turks turned on a whim

I wish I could say I did not see this coming

But I wish they’d at least treat their bodies like they’re something

About the Author

Elijah Walker

Elijah Walker is the son of a football coach which has afforded him the life experience of living in a variety of communities around the United States. His compassion for humanity stems from a multitude of unique observations that encompass the interpretation of “love your neighbor” by various people of faith he has had direct contact with as well as those he encounters through the works they produce. Elijah has multiple interests including video editing and production and playing tennis for his high school team.

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