Do you need a keynote speaker? Are you looking to expand the breakout sessions at your next conference? Consider this list of topics. Invite Beth to speak at your women’s retreat, conference, or gathering.

Speaking Topics

Understanding Your Calling and 7-Step Action Plan

When used in full this content is best when broken up over a few sessions for a retreat. This presentation is an adaptation of Beth’s book Lessons from the Sidelines. Participants are given time to consider some of the action steps during the presentation both individually and in small group discussions.

Clarify Your Calling, Bloom Where You’re Planted, Thrive in Your Sweet Spot

Based on a key phrase in Beth’s book Lessons from the Sidelines, this presentation focuses on encouraging women. Most of the time focuses on ways women can identify their unique combination of skills and talents. We are all created by an intentional designer who longs to journey with us in life. When we determine our calling and begin to live that out using our gifts and talents to the best of our ability we will thrive.

Avoid Burnout and Thrive in Your Sweet Spot

This presentation discusses the 5 Stages of Burnout. We also take time to review each stage in-depth as well as the signs that are commonly present when someone hovers there. After presenting the 5 Stages of Burnout the group will take time to discuss de-escalation through the stages and self-care. The last segment dives into SMART goals. We will look at realistically breaking down goals into actionable steps and implementing each goal in stages using a block calendar strategy.

This presentation is helpful for groups looking for direction in their current stage of life. It’s also helpful for women looking to build small businesses or establishing themselves in new roles such as a ministry position.

Embracing Holy Interruptions Well

Based on Beth’s 6-week Bible study Embracing Holy Interruptions: How Jesus Used Mundane Moments to Love People Deeply this presentation walks people through how Jesus used everyday moments to love people well. Integrated into the presentation is how to develop or deepen the practical application of inductively studying the Bible.

Enneagram Basics: Personal and Relationship Applications

Did you know that online enneagram tests are only about 75% accurate? The enneagram is a helpful tool for self-discovery, personal and spiritual development, and strengthening of relationships, but this tool requires time to learn and apply to our lives. The more self-aware we are the more we can focus on developing our strengths. This presentation reviews the 9 enneagram types as well as wings, stretch and release lines, and core fears. Longer presentations will also cover subtypes and some of the different dynamics of enneagram numbers. Participants will have time to discuss the information, ask questions, and discuss the different numbers.

Stretching a Shoestring Budget Without Losing Your Mind

This presentation covers the practical strategies of living on a tight budget without depriving yourself of every fun thing. Using strategies like stacking credit card rewards and app points you can stretch your budget without spending hours hunting for every sale and running around town for the best prices.

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Author and Public Speaker Beth Walker
Coach's wife, mom, and ministry leader.

Beth Walker is a football coach’s wife and mom of two energetic boys. She strives to encourage those around her to pursue their best lives in Jesus whether she is near the game field, in church, or at the local coffee shop. As a writer, Beth is most passionate about inspiring women to pursue their callings and thrive in their purpose. Beth has released four books including a six-week inductive Bible study on relational mentoring. Her first book, Lessons from the Sidelines, includes a seven-step action for discovering and learning how to thrive in the sweet spot of your calling.