Stay Organized with Airtable

One of the most important aspects of thriving is mental clarity and to do that I have to have my weeks organized. By no means is our family unique in our business. The one additional challenge with mental clarity I have at times is that my hypothyroidism can greatly reduce my capacity to multitask or remember details. Because of this, I’ve developed the habit of writing everything down as soon someone tells me they need something. Whether it’s an item from the grocery store, school, or athletics if it’s not on the list I’m unlikely to remember to follow through.

I first started using Airtable for two of my three clients. When I stepped in to take over a maternity leave temporarily and found myself juggling four clients and some freelance writing it made the most sense to keep my tasks in the same task management system. As you can see on the left, everyone has designated workspaces. Then within my area, I have divided spaces for a wide variety of subjects.

Stay Organized with Airtable

Why Airtable is Unique

There are dozens of task management systems. To some degree, most people find something they like and adapt to continue using it rather than finding something that grows their them as they evolve. That’s where Airtable is different.

My first base was a simple To-Do list with due dates for each client’s tasks. Since then I’ve evolved to incorporate a collaborative content marketing calendar, social media scheduling tool, bill tracker, and a grocery list.

I’ve considered adding additional bases, which is what they call the main square, but so far nothing has felt necessary. I think that’s an important aspect of staying organized. Just because you can use a tool doesn’t mean you need to. If using the tool adds additional, unnecessary time to your day then it’s not really helping you, is it?

How Airtable Supports their Users

Airtable has built a very impressive library of training resources. Additionally, they have blog posts and webinars. Their free version is incredibly versitile on it’s own for individual and collaborative use.

The integrations are endless including API, ICAL and Google Calendar.

Airtable has hundreds of pre-built templates and an additional Airtable Universe where incredibly impressive designers have built thousands of bases you can access for free.

When all else fails, they have a community you can access for unanswered questions.

There’s an App Too!

airtable app photo

When I open my app I have a variety of bases (each square is a base) and they are set up with different templates that update in real-time just like the desktop app or website.

This flexibility allows for collaboration on the run. I can keep task lists for work, fun, and family all in one place.

Negatives About Airtable

Full transparency, there are a few negatives with Airtable. First, the leap from free to the paid version where you can take advantage of app integration is steep. I haven’t found it necessary yet and I’ve used the platform for three years.

Another negative is that your base set up can be a bit tedious. This is true of any system, however it’s important to remember that even with import features you will need to set aside time to build out your bases. It took me a few weeks to set up the social media marketing base exactly how I wanted to use it, but even with the time it took to figure things out, I am still thrilled with the base I chose from the template universe. It saved me significant time over building one from scratch.

If you’re looking for a new way to stay organized give Airtable a try. If you’re interested in trying this app out I’d love for you to use my affiliate link. The app is free, however, using my link gives us both a credit to apply toward paid features!

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