Summer Learning



Now that our boys are independent readers I’ve been on the hunt for summer resources to keep their minds active over the summer. Did you know that studies report that children forget about 2 months of education from the previous year over the summer?  In past years we have purchased workbooks that have gone half way unfilled due to work not being relevant.  I stumbled upon Teacher’s  recently and decided to give it a try.  For about $9  I have printed out about 250 pages of 1-page worksheets.  What I loved the most was that I could print workbooks that were not only grade-specific but also subject specific.  Those of you in Common Core states this website was a packed with specific studies.  One other bonus is that I stumbled across several free resources.

We will be taking advantage of our local library’s summer reading programs in addition to working on a few activity pages each day.  Last year I also added to the boy’s summer work a devotional book.  I found the “Gotta Have God” devotionals and decided to give them a try.  Each spiral bound book has about 100 devotionals.  Each day is about a half page of reading with a few follow-up questions.  There is space on the page to answer below the questions.

gotta have god kids devotional

My boys have also taken to looking up the verses discussed in their Bibles and highlighting them.  They will both be starting new books this month.

We have a pretty packed summer that includes golf camp, basketball camp, cub scout camp, science camp, pottery classes and swim classes.  They will also head on a boys camping trip with Coach giving me a few days of vacation on my own, and we are trying to finally get them started in Karate.  That being said, there isn’t a ton of time for daily work, but we see value in not only showing our kids that education and devotion time is a priority but helping them start that discipline early.  The boys are pretty early risers right now, so I’m hopeful this will become a first thing in the morning habit.

This is what the next 8 weeks should look like:

30 min reading

2 worksheets

1 devotional

30 minutes of exercise on non-camp days.