Supporting Your Booster Board In-Season

Supporting Your Booster Board In-Season

We’re a few games into the season now and it’s going as expected in some ways and in other ways, there is surprise improvement. Through it all this year I’m more in-tune with the emotions of the players and parents than last year. It always takes a bit to learn to read a new team accurately and in year two I have discovered I’ve earned the trust of our boosters.

High school boosters are the lifeblood of most programs. The parents are working concessions, helping with homecoming decorations and the end of the year banquet, making meals for the away games and in between they are cheering the team on from the stands home or away, rain or shine.

At the same time, the boosters are the parents of the players and there is a lot of emotional investment in each season in addition to all that hard work. It’s a tricky line to walk in any scenario with parents, but I believe there is an opportunity to support the booster board in-season.


There are always a lot of emotions when a group of parents gets together to support their children. A booster board in particular has the challenge of determining how to best use the money they raise to help the whole team. Sometimes the parents just need to talk to someone who understands the situation and will let them process their emotions.


Reminding parents that their hard work isn’t going unnoticed is a huge way to support your booster board in-season. Tell them they did a great job organizing something and thank them for their time. If you have a story that will encourage them as a parent tell them! I love being able to tell our parents how respectful their sons are to our family members.

Pitch In

There is always something that can use an extra set of hands. The biggest way I contribute is by taking pictures of games. It’s an easy way to support our team, give the parents some keepsakes and avoid the stands all at once. But if they needed an errand run that fit my schedule I’d happily do that as well.

Supporting your booster board is a great way to also support your coach. While they are busy with the team you can ensure the parents feel heard and Coach is in the loop of anything the parents are organizing. So there you have it! Three ways to support your booster board.

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