Year 18 – An Anniversary Reflection

Happy 18th Anniversary Ordell We are yet again surrounded by boxes. In a few weeks, we will be settling into another new house and calling it our home. Thankfully, this move is one of the less stressful ones since it’s just around the corner, in the summer, and into a … Read More

Year 17- Anniversary

Dear Ordell, We celebrate year 17 today and the modern gift list informs me this year is the gift of furniture. I can’t help but chuckle as I glance around our current house. I would love a new kitchen table since the boys are beyond the years where they color … Read More

Silver Holloware and Anniversary 16

Thoughts from the Sidelines

Dear Ordell,

According to the Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide year, 16 is Silver Holloware. This seems fitting considering we seem to lose multiple forks with each recent move.

Reflecting on the last year of our marriage it’s hard to believe so much has happened in just 365 days. Even harder to believe is that although neither of us could have predicted where we would be living, nor even both of our jobs transitioning, we’ve embraced things together so well it has been the smoothest transition so far.

This year marks the sale of our first home (finally), moving back to the Midwest, and the year we no longer have single-digit children in our house. We’ve never been healthier physically, emotionally, spiritually nor as a married couple.

Our roles are ever-shifting as the boy’s needs change, as job demands change, and as we figure out our strengths and limits. I love watching your relationship with Elijah and Levi deepen. As they take on new challenges you are there with them reminding them to be courageous, and they are listening.

I love seeing you put into practice at home all the things we’ve heard you say on the football field the last decade and I love seeing our sons respond.

We are figuring out another new normal these days, and yet our home has a calmness to it that I haven’t felt in years. I know it is in large part because that is the tempo and tone you strive for.

There is something solid about silver that seems so fitting for year 16. When tarnish build-up is removed a beautiful shine appears. There is no doubt of the sturdiness of silver. It will last, regardless of the shape, it is formed into. A dish, bowl, knife, or fork will function as it is created to do. And right now I can’t think of a better symbol for year 16 of marriage.

Year 16

Anniversary 15

I’ve never been good at long-term plans. I had no idea what year 15 would look like when we said our “I do’s”.  Because of that, I can’t say I’m surprised by the most recent chapter of our adventure, still, I find myself pausing to soak in the reality of our … Read More