Book Review: Braving the Wilderness

I’ve had Brene Brown’s most recent book on my library list since it released.  Braving the Wilderness is not at all what I expected to read, still, this timely and authentic message is important and worth considering.

Braving the Wilderness was much more political than anything else I’ve read or heard from Brown, but it seems in these recent years that’s hard to avoid. We’ve entered an era where we no longer have the convenience of distancing everyday life from politics and Brown has provided a well thought out and balanced discussion point.

While I’ve always associated the wilderness with the seasons of life where God calls us into a season of growth, Brown takes the wilderness a step further.

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“The wilderness is an untamed, unpredictable place of solitude and searching. It is a place as dangerous as it is breathtaking, a place as sought after as it is feared. But it turns out to be the place of true belonging, and it’s the bravest and most sacred place you will ever stand.”

Whether your wilderness is spiritual, emotional, social, or a combination of something that has you searching in solitude I believe Brown’s insights will help you to explore and embrace the season.


Brene Brown Braving the Wilderness Quote