Happy 15th Birthday Elijah

Oh kid, this is not what fifteen was supposed to look like. I had high hopes we’d be able to celebrate you with some sort of restaurant excursion and movie in the theater. But instead, we’ll shelter in place, order food from your restaurant of choice, and reserve your birthday … Read More

Happy 13th Birthday Levi

Dear Levi, A few days after you were born your dad headed home since Nana was staying with Elijah and you and I hung out in St. Louis while we waited to see if my liver would rupture. Those days are a blur, however, there are distinct moments that I … Read More

2019 Christmas Gift Guide for Coaching Families

It’s the most wonderful and stressful time of the year for coaching families! We’re in the middle of playoffs, or starting a season, or moving, or interviewing or maybe some combination of what’s listed. We may be saying goodbye to seniors and preparing to say hello to new students. Perhaps … Read More

The Fear that Lingers with Coaches’ Kids

I called our boys down from their rooms the other night. Rarely do I bother them once they have closed their bedroom doors, but I’d remembered and forgotten 10 times over that day to tell them the news. Boys! Come here please. They hovered in the door. Curious, nervous. I … Read More

Dear Elijah – Year 14

Dear Elijah, Fourteen years ago you entered the world and forever changed our lives. You taught me in the first weeks of your life that very little of what would happen in the years to come could be controlled, and that where the impulse to control was present my best … Read More