Permission to Rest

I’m writing over at Friday Night Wives today. Here’s a preview: I recently had to research a few keywords for a client and discovered something alarming. Globally for Google searches, the term “burnout” increased 4200% in one week. The breakout terms about burnout, which also increased, included psychological warfare, mental … Read More

More than a Title

During my book promotion series, I was grateful to spend time with three amazing women Anne, Nichole, and Lori. During each of our conversations, we spoke about the similarities in our lifestyles adjacent to the public eye. We also discussed our differences and how those are strengths. As I explained … Read More

Pastors’ Wives and Coaches’ Wives

I am so excited to share this final video in the series of book promotions! My friend and Pastor’s wife, Lori was with me the weekend the first idea sparked for Lessons from the Sidelines. As we chatted in between breaks at a writers’ conference we bonded over the similarities … Read More

Pursuing Your Calling in Difficult Seasons

We are a difficult season as coaching families right now. Every day we wake up to discover that new states are suspending fall athletics, school districts are considering not paying coaching stipends, or another coach or coach’s wife is battling COVID-19. The only thing we can rely on right now … Read More

Meet Tia Reid Barlow

I connected with Tia when she generously invited me to promote our upcoming Pursue coaches’ wives retreat in her Facebook group. It feels so rare these days that women will go out of their way to elevate each other, however, Tia is consistent in her ministry publicly and privately. It’s … Read More