Father’s Day Gifts for Your Coach

I was reviewing my Father’s Day gift idea list from last year and it’s another reminder of how different life is post-2020. I wonder if we’ll ever have the carefree attitudes about road trips we once held. Father’s Day in our house often includes some sort of a getaway because … Read More

Authentically Coaching Gen Z

According to Business Insider Generation Z is the youngest, largest, and most ethnically-diverse, generation in American history. They currently comprise 27% of the US population. Pew Research defines Gen Z as anyone born after 1997. Gen Z grew up with access to technology, the internet, and social media, which has earned them … Read More

NFL Adds Psychologists

Recently the NFL announced they are adding psychologists to each staff. As a Coach’s Wife this is exciting news. I believe this has the ability to influence football at every level. According to their recent statements they hope to reduce the stigma attached to seeking help for mental health and … Read More

5 Indications Your Man is Born to Coach

I think that one of the most surprising things about coaching people learn is that it takes a lot more than a love for the sport to have a successful career as a coach. It’s obvious from assumptions that coaches only work one day a week or a few weeks … Read More

Athletes and Social Media

Have you read any of the stories surrounding the NBA and social media? In many ways, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that basketball players are finding themselves hooked to Instagram and Facebook. But then again, when someone is earning millions of dollars doing anything doesn’t it seem odd that … Read More