Devotional: Look Before You Leap

One opportunity virtual school has created for my teenage sons is the ability to step outside of “class” and walk into my home office to ask a question or share whatever thought crosses their mind. It doesn’t happen often, but the questions my sons wrestle with these days aren’t lighthearted. … Read More

The Need for Salt

Growing up, we only ate one type of white rice: Assyrian rice. My Nana made the best rice, and when I was living on my own, I spent a day with her learning the secret to making rice just like her. My Nana’s recipe for Assyrian rice is a true … Read More

God Does Not Delight in Everything

When we favor something in our humanness it’s very easy to assume that God aligns with our preferences. But Scripture is clear that God doesn’t delight in everything. God has preferences and refers his delight to things that align with them. He does not delight in the strength of the … Read More

We Know Our Call

I’m writing over at The Glorious Table today. Here’s a preview: Browsing through movies the other day, I noticed a theme. Big, Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap, Like Father Like Son, and 13 Going on 30, all considered fan favorites, involve the main character seeing the world from an entirely … Read More

Holding Ourselves Accountable

Note: While some may choose to read intention into this post, the process for The Glorious Table remains consistent in that we submit content two months ahead of publication and trust God will use our words to encourage, challenge, and guide others to focus on him. I’m writing over at … Read More