Advice For Those Married to Introverts

I’ll never forget the day Donald Miller spoke for introverts around the world. In an article titled How to Get Along with an Introvert, Miller pointed out what has since been affirmed in this article in Psychology Today. “Since our culture celebrates extraversion much of the time, extol the virtues of introversion as well.” … Read More

Meal Prep and Planning for Any Season

When you have a food allergy, part of ensuring that your body thrives is choosing to eat the foods that will help rather than harm your body. Even though I work remotely I don’t have a lot of flexibility during the week to spend on elaborate meals. This is especially … Read More

Pay for Christmas with Gift Cards

One way I stretch our family budget is by using cashback rewards to purchase Christmas gifts, as well as birthday and anniversary gifts. Each year in October and November I start cashing in points I’ve collected on different apps for Amazon gift cards. It still surprises me each year how … Read More

The Best Podcasts for Coaches’ Wives

Do you love podcasts as much as I do? One of the best parts about working from home is that I don’t have to worry about bothering a co-worker in an adjacent office space. Whether I’m in my home office, out for a walk, or running errands I’m more likely … Read More

An Invitation for You

Last week on Instagram I gave a tiny window of insight into my “real job”. Which is something I realize I don’t talk very much about even though it fills the majority of my time each week. In case you missed it here’s what I posted: Tiny peek into a … Read More