Coaching is a Business

This is the time of year when coaches are shifting jobs. Some of those changes are by choice, but many other coaches are unemployed and looking for work because they have learned one of the hardest lessons in coaching. Regardless of how nice the administration is, or how well you … Read More

5 Indications Your Man is Born to Coach

I think that one of the most surprising things about coaching people learn is that it takes a lot more than a love for the sport to have a successful career as a coach. It’s obvious from assumptions that coaches only work one day a week or a few weeks … Read More

Favorite Gifts for Your Favorite Coach

Not only is Father’s Day coming up, but June and July are the most common months for coaching families to celebrate their wedding anniversaries! I’ve compiled a list of gifts that I think are unique, useful, or both! Check out my suggestions for favorite gifts for your favorite coach: Qalo … Read More

When Football No Longer Includes Recruiting

It’s the week after Thanksgiving, and our household is experiencing yet another new normal. We are adjusting to the fact that postseason lives no longer revolve around recruiting, travel, late night phone calls, and many interrupted family outings. This is not a blog post where I will explain how hard … Read More

A High School Summer

  In our house, we are usually counting down the days to summer for several reasons. A break from school is one of them, but we are also hoping for a little more time with our coach. After a spring of practices and recruiting we are protective of our summer … Read More