Coaching is a Business

This is the time of year when coaches are shifting jobs. Some of those changes are by choice, but many other coaches are unemployed and looking for work because they have learned one of the hardest lessons in coaching. Regardless of how nice the administration is, or how well you … Read More

Post-Season Musings

January post-season here in Central Illinois is fairly routine. The rules allow for lifting but not much else, so there isn’t much to do after school or on the weekends other than monitoring the weight room. This provides a lot of routine for our boys which is something they haven’t … Read More

Dear Seniors

I’m writing over at Friday Night Wives today. Here’s a preview: Dear Seniors, Can you believe your last season on our team is over? It’s hard to put into words all the emotions of that last game, that last time stepping onto the field or court as a player for … Read More

Football a Family Service

    We arrived early to our last football game. At the parent’s request, I was tasked with taking Senior Day Family pictures. I wanted to make sure we were set up well and was busy figuring out the where to stand to get the best angle. I had sent … Read More

Top Recruiting Myths

When parents and athletes believe wrong things about recruiting it can be a serious thing. A financial loss is just one concern.