Favorite Football Bloggers

Favorite Football Bloggers

The coaching life is so unique that even amongst wives who blog our take is very different person to person, season to season. I’ll be honest, there are blog posts I read and I cringe. A negative attitude is just not something I find helpful. That being said, there are so many amazing wives out there who are writing posts with heart and humor to cheer on fellow wives and offer a helpful and realistic insight into our lives.

If you are curious about the realities of the football life or if you are a coach’s girlfriend, fiance, or wife check out these bloggers.

Here are my Favorite Football Bloggers:

Friday Night Wives is one of my favorites. This blog hosts a variety of voices and perspectives, but encouragement is a continuous theme. This site also has a private facebook group which is SO supportive. It’s my absolute favorite place to learn from other wives.

While it may not seem relevant, I promise you will glean great tips and receive encouragement from Living Pro Sports. 

Home Field Essentials is a great balance of helpful tips and the realities of life with littles. Her outlook is always positive which I greatly value!

While she doesn’t blog often, Coach Wife Life has a great perspective on our corner of the world.

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Sign up for The Coach’s Wife newsletter. Carolyn is a dear friend. I treasure her words with each newsletter, plus her desire to encourage wives and cheer on fellow writers is inspiring.

How to Lose a College Scholarship

It’s recruiting season, and even though this year Ordell isn’t the one sorting through game film and evaluating future players he is still interacting with coaches who are on the hunt for the class of 2018 and 2019 in some cases.

Recruiting is a never-ending process for college coaches, which means it’s always a topic of conversation. As we’ve settled into our roles here in the Midwest, several coaches have asked me key questions about our team. When it comes to recruiting, everything is intentional. It’s important to remember that less than 2% of high school football players will be awarded scholarships at any level of college football.

Coaches have massive pools of candidates to choose from, which means they can wait for the cream of the crop. The best candidates will receive the earliest offers and the best offers.

Here are the Quickest Ways to Lose Out on a College Scholarship:

  • Don’t take the ACT/SAT your Junior Year
  • Don’t lift weights
  • Don’t fill out the FAFSA
  • Skip School or classes
  • Don’t take AP or Dual Credit courses
  • Disrespect your high school teachers
  • Disrespect your high school coaches
  • Don’t return phone calls or texts from recruiting coaches
  • Don’t participate in extracurricular activities
  • Don’t be a good teammate
  • Don’t be a team leader
  • Lie to coaches about stats, grades, behavior, or anything they can verify
  • Talk poorly about your current coaches
  • Be stupid on social media
  • Get suspended

This list isn’t exhaustive, every year I encounter a student who has lost out on an opportunity in a new and unique way. 😉 The good thing is that every one of the items on this list is fixable.

Want to earn that top scholarship at your preferred school? Start in the weight room today.

The Season Stock Up List

Thoughts From the Sidelines

Football season is here! Weeks of summer practice have been replaced with…well, actually weeks of practice. But now there are games to prepare for and that has increased the energy level in our household.

Time is short with all of our weekends book for the next several months. I’ve learned that stocking up on some of our favorite things now will help to stave off the midseason meltdown that creeps up out of nowhere. Coaches’ wives you know what I mean. When a balanced meal seems overwhelming and you realize your bonus stache of toiletries and snacks is gone so you panic to order enough food to last the rest of the season and then you are still eating through things in February? Just me? Ok then.

Stocking up has become a preseason tradition for another reason. Since Ordell became a head coach I’ve found that stocking the office with staff favorites is a tiny way I can show appreciation for how hard the coaches work. I want to add there are ZERO affiliate links in this post. Just one wife passing on tips that will hopefully help others.

Here are my favorite season stock ups:

Protein Powder

With meals on the run happening way more than I’d like to admit protein shakes have become a staple for both Coach and me. I’ve hunted around and tried more expensive shakes. This brand is the balance of cost, ingredients, taste, and product quality that works for us. I order these via Amazon Prime for the best price and of course the convenience factor.


Macrobar minis are another go to for our crew. The variety pack ensures we all have our favorite bars around. The calorie count on the mini is a perfect snack portion or help to round out a meal on the run.

“MacroBars™ Minis are cold-pressed, nut-butter based nutrition bars that offer a chewy and filling experience. Made from simple, clean ingredients, all MacroBars™ are certified vegan, gluten-free, organic, R.A.W., C.L.E.A.N., kosher and non-GMO project verified. Our mini version provides maximum taste with minimal calories. Only 90-110 calories of pocket-sized energy and nutrients, MacroBar Minis are a delicious and healthy snack for kids and adults who are always on-the-go.”

The best part about this treat for our family is the 25% discount I receive with my free Sisters in Sports Membership!

Dried Mango

This is a favorite road trip food. Trader Joe’s offers a spiced chili version. Whether sweet or spicey we can’t get enough dried mango.

Deep Blue

Between running around at practice, all the time on our feet at games and of course the bleachers Deep Blue is our best friend for our aging bodies. I am not exaggerating when I tell you we each have our own tube in our bedside tables.

Office Supplies

Do we have any paper? I need another pen. Any dry erase markers in the laundry this week? If it’s not my kids it’s Coach on the hunt for yet another office supply. Thankfully this is the time when things are easily accessible and put on clearance.


It never fails. We are constantly breaking and losing sunglasses when we need them most. BOGO sales and summer clearance are perfectly timed for these as well.

Craft Supplies

With extra time alone I’ve found that fall is the perfect time to get lost in learning a new crochet pattern or embroidering hand towels. I can also curl up next to my guy as he breaks down film and still feel productive at the same time.

Marshmallow Pumpkins

This tradition dates back to my college years. This fall treat screams football to me now and is the perfect addition to a tense game. I’ve been known to mix them with peanuts to “balance” things out a time or two. 🙂

Freezer Foods

I spend time in August baking muffins for quick school day breakfasts. I also take the time to put together freezer meals that can be quickly dumped into the Instant Pot or Crock Pot. Even two hours of work can create dinners spaced out over a few months. (A posts dedicated to this is coming soon!)


Lots of “motivational speeches” leads to hoarse voices.

On Guard Beadlets

All that sharing of water bottles as well as close quarters in locker rooms is a recipe for strep throat or the flu. the lack of sleep doesn’t help either. This extra immunity boost is a “fall through flu season” addition to our daily routine.

Other Wives Suggest

When I posted this blog in a coaches’ wives group another stock up suggestion was offered.

Renee said she stocks up on Tailgating supplies.

Jenna compiled an awesome list HERE (love her home decor idea!)

Alyssa offers ideas for a coach’s survival kit HERE

One of the other things we try to do at the beginning of the football season is to find new game day clothing. Sometimes we add a hat or scarf to our collection, other times is the cool new sweatshirt with that new logo. Taking the time to find a game day shirt reminds our boys that they represent their dad at games. What are your season preparation tasks? I’d love to hear!