Friday Five-Five Thanks


Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!  Since moving to the mountains our family has created a new tradition.  We serve at the local Mission Center on Thanksgiving morning.  Our kids are at the age where they can easily take life for granted.  Seeing the meals handed out along with bags of groceries to sustain people for the weekend is always a mix of emotions.  Joy in the helping, our hearts aching that more can’t be done to foster change.  Thanksgiving is always a time of reflection of what we truly have to be thankful for.  Narrowing down five for Mrs. Disciple’s #FridayFive was a great way to reflect on all this year has brought our family.

 1- God’s sustaining of our family.  My health, Ordell’s job, our kids transitions…it has been QUITE a few years of emotional and physical challenges.  Through all of it God has sustained our family unit, protecting us and drawing us closer to each other and Him.

2- God’s provision.  Our move occurred before the sale of our house and although we have renters it always seems there is a new issue.  A roof leak, raised taxes, a unethical property manager.  Through it all we’ve managed to pay all the bills each month, purchase a new car and pay off debt.  Random jobs, inheritance and gifts have come at crazy times in overwhelming amounts.  God’s provision of us this year has been a loud and clear reminder that He always sees our needs.

3- Our move.  It might seem crazy to be thankful for a move that I just said has added stress to our lives, but with all that stress it has also brought healing, growth and a new beginning.  The opportunities our family can take advantage of in our current town are overwhelming at times.  It’s been so amazing to show our boys just a little more clearly how big our world is.

4- A warm November.  I know we’ll likely pay for it, but having the sun out and weather in the 60’s or warmer for the majority of November has been an awesome gift!  Our life in the mountains can be unpredictable weather wise with snow as early as Halloween some years.  We got through the football season without shoveling the field this year and that is definitely something to be thankful for!

5- A church home.  It’s been close to a year since we finally found a church home.  I’m so thankful for God putting people in my life who could invite me to Lifeline and for the welcome we received while there.  It is a privilege to go to a church where you are stretched and challenged and also invited into deep worship of God!  I had just about lost hope we would find such a place here…but again, God provided!


Friday Five Five Senses


November is an interesting month in our house.  For everyone else life is amping up, but for us, a new normal of football-less weekends, seeing Ordell more often and meals all together is just beginning for the first time since August.  November holds some favorite things for me, here they are using the Five Senses for Mrs. Disciple’s #FridayFive

See-The leaves are falling and what was filled with bursts of gold, red and orange is now all turning to brown.  This makes the tops of our mountains dark.  The branches are preparing to hold snow soon, and as much as I love the colors, the change is welcome as the days get shorter.

Hear-My kids laughing.  With Daddy around more often everything seems more fun.  The laughing also is easier to hear because the chilly days cause us to huddle indoors.

Smell-Leaves burning.  I grew up with this smell being a constant, and now days it reminds me that s’mores are a possibility any night of the week.

Taste-Winter Coffee drinks!!  I know everyone obsesses over the Pumpkin Spice latte but for me the peppermint white mocha from Starbucks or the Spiced White Chocolate Mocha from Caribou Coffee are my favorites!

Feel-Warmth, wrapping up in cozy blankets might be a necessity of cold nights, but it’s not something I dislike!

Friday Five- 5 Dinner Guests


Linking up with Mrs. Disciple today!  Her #FridayFive post are a great way for me to wrap up the week.  This week is 5 dinner guest.  I have to admit, I adore having people for a good meal, so this one is a tough one.  For our family, favorite meals are often shared best with large groups.  So, here are my five favorite groups of dinner guests.

My first beloved group is my husband’s football team.  If you love to cook for a crowd invite your local offensive linemen over for dinner.   This particular meal consisted of 18 quarts of chili, 14 quarts of apple crisp, 10 lbs of corn bread, and one lonely little salad.  I cannot tell you how great it is to hear the moans of appreciation after you own littles complain about everything you cook!


The second dinner guests I love to host is my extended family.  Growing up I had no idea that the special foods I ate at my grandparent’s house would become trendy one day.  Jajek, roasted basmati rice, chada, swarma chicken on pita bread.  My Assyrian roots are best celebrated when my cousins and aunts and uncles all get together and compare notes on what foods “should” taste like.

Third, missionaries.  Growing up we always hosted the local missionaries for Missions Week.  The Christian and Missionary Alliance churches I attended from birth through high school emphasized missions in a wonderful way.  At least once a year furloughing missionaries would travel to the different churches supporting them and they would speak.  We always hosted missionaries in our homes that week for meals.  Hearing about their daily lives, looking up their country on my globe and seeing the pictures of their work allowed me to understand the vastness of the world from a young age.

Another group I loved having for meals was a group of just graduated and still in school, college women.  There was a short season where lunch together at my house once a month or so was a highlight.  The girls would share what was going on in their lives lingering over food and fellowship as long as their schedules allowed.  Although this scenario is repeated frequently is smaller groups there was something about that particular group.  A few got engaged, several started their first post college job and everyone experienced how hard true friendships are once you aren’t living in the dorms together.

The fifth group I’d love to host is actually one I haven’t had the pleasure of hosting yet. The Glorious Table has an amazing group of women.  I have no doubt conversation would flow well, this groups has shared themselves vulnerably.  Women who are willing to go deep are the best dinner company in my opinion!