Five Boundaries


Family- I’m the wife of a minority, and our sons are multi-racial.  For the first many years of our marriage, we lived in a tiny farming community where we stuck out in a crowd to put it nicely.  My Mama Bear instinct has become finely tuned, and although I’m the first to admit no one in our house is perfect, I don’t want to hear that from anyone else.

Football- More than I can count Ordell and I have been on a lunch date, and a #RamFan has joined us.  Sometimes they just want to say hi, other times they have a recruit he “MUST” see.  It’s also more common than I’d like to admit that someone has a message to pass along to me or a question they aren’t brave enough to ask of my dear coach.  Here’s the deal.  I don’t know who has what scholarship offer or why a certain play was called and the things I do know I’m not supposed to repeat.  Let’s all just enjoy our lunches ok?

Negativity- I’m a bandwagon negative nelly.  I also find that as much as I’d prefer to be a glass half full kind of girl, I have to work for that.  Because of my own flaw, I RUN from negativity.  It’s the only way I’ve figured out that I can stay sane…and positive.

Scripture- I’ve drawn a line in the sand with people interpreting scripture. There is a camp of theologians that like to bend the words.  They will justify excluding a section of scripture as “historically written.”  They also speak against inerrancy in scripture.  The thought seems to be that if human error can be applied, then interpretation can be changed.  I’m not scholarly enough to always pick out a phony.  Scripture is clear that the Holy Spirit will help us to understand God’s words and we won’t need help from anyone else to understand it.  (John 14:26, 1 John 2:27)  Every time I’ve heard someone try to justify changing the meaning of passages I’ve had a knot in my stomach that doesn’t go away until I acknowledge the statement as a lie.


Friday Five Five Adjectives for You

January Friday 5

“Love is the effort and desire to make someone else everything they were created to be.”  Tim Keller  This quote hangs next to my bed and it has shaped a fair amount of my choices.

Learner- I’m a hungry reader, yet rarely does fiction keep my attention.  I rarely take someone’s word for fact when discussion politics, science, scripture or health.  I love to read what others are learning about and to expound on their findings.

Loyal- We live a lifestyle that can be straining on friendships.  I’ve learned the hard way some who say the seek friendship actually seek information.  This has taught me the value of loyalty and I offer it openly.

Creative- I love to embroider, knit, crochet and write.  My creativity stretches past that.  I’ve always sought new and unique activities, restaurants and even toys for my boys.

Pensive- ministry has developed this side of me .  I dream big for my college girls, and I dream big for how God will use them.  It’s only in the past year I’ve begun to feel any freedom at all to dream.  I’ve begun to seek what God may have for my life and to hope it may be bigger than I’ve previously imagined.

Surrendered- Jennie Allen wrote a little book called Anything which has been wrecking lives for years 😉  Jennie and Zac’s example of what is looks like to dream big and to seek to live a surrendered life have been integral in our lives.  I’m not perfectly surrendered…I’m a work in progress.

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Friday Five-Five Goals for the New Year

God laid on my heart back in October that my One Word for this year would be Growth.    At the time I had no idea all that would encompass, but as December has revealed itself Growth will be even more stretching than it seemed!

Five areas of Growth this year are…

Family– My boys are getting older, and I realize our days of influence are lessening. This year I’m looking for ways to connect with my boys individually, finding the “shoulder to shoulder” quality time opportunities to have fun and listen.

Ordell and I will be married 15 years this June.  There has been a lot of living in these years together, and my prayer is that as we grow older, we will grow together discovering, even more, depths to our relationship than this first 15 has brought.

Ministry- I’m in a sweet season of ministry these days.  Watching the women on our campus pursue Jesus with a new hunger brings me deep joy.  It is a privilege to be invited to be an influencer in their lives.  I’m looking forward to a retreat with them in January and attending conferences for myself in February and March!  We’ll also host our 2nd IF Local conference on campus as well.  My prayer is that God will clearly direct our ministry in the direction he desires it to go and that more women on our campus will feel loved and encouraged by it.

I’m feeling more determined to love on our team this year too.  We’ve tossed around some ideas, and I’m hoping to get to the point where I finally know ALL their names without the aid of uniform numbers 😉

Wellness Coaching- Although not something I write about often here, I have a “real life job” as a campus wellness coach, which will now support 2 college campuses.  As I obtain certification after certification, I’m reminded of how intertwined nutrition and wellness are with a balanced life.  I’ll wrap up my Naturopath Certification in the next month adding it to Diet and Nutrition Counselor, Mindful and Emotional Eating Counselor, Life Coach and Stress Management Counselor.  I want to continue to grow in my Coaching skills to best support my clients as they need.

Health I wrote recently about my 22 month Thyroid Health journey. My doctor is working towards putting me into maintenance mode in the next few months.  This is an exciting step for me as it means fewer blood draws, less medicine, and fewer doctor appointments.  It’s also scary because it means I will be on my own to pay attention to symptoms that may need further attention, and of course, since it’s my job there’s a little extra motivation to stay on the right health track!  My desire is to grow in knowledge and understanding of my body and to be able to do my part to independently keep my thyroid as healthy as possible.

Relationship with God Certainly not least, but lastly, I’m hungry for growth in my personal relationship with God.  After a few years of a wilderness season, I’m finding I see and hear God in new ways.  I’ve learned a lot about myself, and I feel like I’ve learned some lessons from scripture that need to be shared.  As I continue to pursue God, I’m taking the time to reflect on what I’ve learned.  I’ll be posting on Wednesdays over on a separate blog Lessons From The Wilderness.  This will be Bible study format with my personal journey sprinkled in.  I’ve learned it’s impossible to move forward while trying to ignore the past. My prayer is that as I reflect in a more structured format, putting words to lessons God’s carried me through that growth will occur and the past will encourage future growth, and maybe you will understand something differently too!

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