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Have you heard about IF:Local?  November 3rd is registration day!!

The other thing on November 3rd is the LifeLong Love Marriage Summit.  It’s FREE to watch online.

How to Keep Hoping When You Really Want to Just Give Up “We kneel down, drop a bulb into opening earth, then wait “for the forces above and below and beyond our control to work upon” all these things. The boy pats the earth down and over and the Girl, she watches. We bury hope in a tomb of its own. Like the faith diggers do every day. We bury our swollen prayers in Him who’s raised from the tomb. We lay our hope, full and tender, into the depths of Him and wait in hope for God to resurrect something good. Good always necessitates long waiting.”

Loving this list of Gluten-Free/Dairy Free Crock pot meals!

The Glorious Table had two amazing (to me) posts this week Are You Losing Your Leaves and Lessons from Prison: On Humility, Mercy, and the power of Open Arms are must reads!!

What links have you saved recently?