Book Review: The President is Missing

Book Review Lessons From the Sidelines

Every once in a while I need a good fiction book and this August The President is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson hit the mark.

I listened to the Audiobook read by Dennis Quaid and I think it was a great way to take my mind off the football season while I drove and took my morning walks. This action-packed mystery offers a behind the scenes peek into all a President balances within a week.

The story is told mostly from the perspective of widowed President Duncan who is faced with an impossible situation. A computer virus threatens to be released, his blood disease has flared up, and to top it all off he has a leak in the White House.

Every time I expected a typical turn mysteries take this book shifted the story in a new direction. The ending was stunning and satisfying. The political setting stays in the background for most of the story, so regardless of your politics this is a great read.