Book Review: The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership

One quiz has reframed my understanding of the leadership differences in my husband and myself and I cannot thank Jenni Catron enough!  The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership presents 4 aspects of leadership heart, mind, strength and soul which ultimately work together to bring any leader from ordinary to extraordinary.

Catron’s combination of secular and church leadership experiences along with her extensive network of leaders brings together clear explanations of not only why leaders should consider striving for extraordinary leadership, but how to begin the process of growing towards becoming a 4-dimensional leader.

Begin with the Extraordinary Leadership Assessment and I think you will find yourself as surprised as I was at how a few questions could pinpoint a leadership style.  If you are looking for more Propel Book Club is discussing this book!

Each section of leadership is explained thoroughly.  There are then steps to take towards further developing this aspect of leadership.  What I appreciated most though is that there are warnings surrounding each aspect as well.  Anyone can find it hard to self-assess.  Catron’s inclusion of responses from people or thoughts one might have had to be on the lookout for are key to developing each dimension in a healthy way.

As a college ministry leader, I found this book to echo many of the leadership resources I’ve come across with developing millennial generation leaders.  I don’t think that it’s exclusive to that generation, but if you are at a loss as to how to effectively lead millennials, this is a great starting place!!

*In exchange for an honest review of this book I was given a free e-copy for review via Jenni Catron’s launch team.  The opinions expressed are my own.


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It’s the season where football coaches move right now.  Job firings and hirings are a constant on ESPN.  We are watching dear friends all over the country make hard decisions, or have them made for them.  Rob Ryan clearly sums up the challenge on families HERE.

Propel Women is doing a book club!!  Book Club 4D is on Jennie Catron’s new leadership book The Four Dimensions Of Extraordinary Leadership:The Power of Your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength starts this week!

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Even If Not by Kaitlyn Bouch is a challenging read, but the subject is one I think every Christian should think about!  “The truth is, we’re all walking in the in between. We’re not who we used to be and we’re not yet where we’re going. We can make plans and set goals and dream big dreams, but what about when life happens?”

I made Sweetie Pie’s Mac and Cheese for’s a keeper!

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