Meal Prep to Help Your Sanity

Since our life often revolves around football there are some months that feel longer than others. The weeks in the months of October, April, and July tend to drag on a little longer than other months. They commonality is that they are the middle months of each season. In-season, Off-season … Read More

Quick Meal Prepping

One thing that never ends is the need to cook dinner. It’s become one of the most predictable and difficult questions to answer in recent months. The reality is that when we’re in-season focusing on meal preparation is the best thing I can do to keep our budget on track. … Read More

Meal Prep and Planning for Any Season

When you have a food allergy, part of ensuring that your body thrives is choosing to eat the foods that will help rather than harm your body. Even though I work remotely I don’t have a lot of flexibility during the week to spend on elaborate meals. This is especially … Read More

Favorite Easter Brunch Recipes

I love Easter brunch. One thing about living far from family for so many years is that Easter weekend can sometimes bring together a group of people for a great weekend meal. Over the years we’ve had several different groups through for Easter brunch. Every meal has included different receipes, … Read More

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Mix

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m sharing our family’s favorite peppermint hot chocolate mix today. The recipe is based on this one. But of course, I’ve made a few adjustments.  Fair warning, this makes a huge batch. I usually store it in a 1-gallon ice cream tub.  The best part is that most or … Read More