Rumor Mills and Bleacher Coaches

It’s November and that means that fall sports are finishing their seasons, have entered playoffs, or have completed enough of their season to see if the fair-weather fans are sticking around this year. For coaching families of fall sports, November marks the beginning of the most difficult part of the … Read More

When Kids Say Goodbye

  This is our second major move with kids, which for 16 plus years of coaching is actually on the low side. That being said, this time around our boys are at the ages where they remember the last move and know a bit of what they will experience as … Read More

The Goodbye Challenge

Our son shed his first tears last week regarding our impending move. I knew it was coming, he’s been talking about “next year” increasingly, and the unanswered questions were hanging above our heads. On the way to school, I reminded the boys that they didn’t need to explain anything to … Read More