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The holidays are coming and I’m looking forward to some much needed quite family time!  This pancake recipe from Southern Living is going to be a must!

Enter Doubt– by Nicole Unice had me hopeful I wasn’t the only one.  “What I’ve discovered about this thing call calling is that if I wait for it to feel just right, I’ll be waiting til the grave. When you have a fire in your soul it’s rather uncomfortable. I always said I wanted to have a passion but when the fire begins to burn and you don’t know what to do with it, you spend most of your time feeling singed on the fingertips.”

Tirzah Magazine has such awesome content!  Ladies, Four Things You’re Doing to Devalue Yourselves  is the tip of the iceberg.  “Every day, we battle insecurity, fears, and the pressures of society’s expectations and self-discovery. And these inner battles seep into our everyday lives – it’s in the skimpy clothes we’re tempted to wear to get attention, laughing a little too loud, or speaking softly with hesitant eye contact in a class presentation.”

Encouragement from Ann VosKamp is always worth saving!  When things are pressing in and and you’re pleading for some answers “When everybody else has found their niche and their address and their way and you’re wondering if Someone has lost your number because you keep waiting and your’s never gets called and why does it feel like everyone else is moving ahead and everything in your world is falling behind and apart?”

What are you saving these days?