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Save this link

Often when I’m going through my many, many saved links I end up having to leave the videos for a later time.  Well, I finally got around to watching them and I’m happy to share my favorites!

Have you checked out the First 5 app yet from Lysa TurKeurst?  She has assembeled a great group of women who have created a daily devotioal to read.  On the weekend there is a video “Weekend Wrap Up”.  I love learning from other women, and these ladies are doing a great job!

Nicole Unice, author of Brave Enough preached a thoughtful sermon on Hosea not to long ago.  Kicking off the sermon series “The God Who Speaks” at Hope Church in Richmond VA.  I keep repeating “I will make a valley of trouble into a door of hope”.  Speaking of Brave Enough, Nicole also has this great video “3 Promises from Scripture to remind you you are brave enough for each day”

Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer comes out soon!  This 2 minute video is a preview of the study, and has me SO excited to dive in!

Jennifer Rothschild has a new book on Hosea coming out entitled Invisible.  THIS TRAILER has me so excited.  I’ve also begun the workbook study.  Check out the Hosea study promo video HERE.

Starting Today IF:Equip is diving into Nehemiah!  I’ve loved this daily devotional for the past few years.  Similarly to First 5 the reading is short each day.  IF:Equip has a daily video about 3 minutes long where women reflect on a part of the reading from that day.

Lastly, have you heard of Right Now Media?  Self described as the “Netflix for the Bible Studies” this amazing resource has been popping up all over.  We were first introduced to it via a church we attended.  This summer both the college we work for and our alma mater gave us lifetime access.  Studies from Louis Giglio, Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, Jennie Allen, Jen Hatmaker, Lisa Harper and many more this has become my new “save this link” as my saved studies grows weekly!

Phew, can I get an AMEN for the archiving feature? 😉

What are you reading these days?