Pay for Christmas with Gift Cards

One way I stretch our family budget is by using cashback rewards to purchase Christmas gifts, as well as birthday and anniversary gifts. Each year in October and November I start cashing in points I’ve collected on different apps for Amazon gift cards. It still surprises me each year how … Read More

Stress-Free Gift Giving

It may seem crazy to start saving for Christmas while you are still cleaning up from your holiday celebrations, but I promise that implementing simple strategies now will reduce your stress with gifts all year long. Rarely does a month go by that a birthday present or thank you gift … Read More

That Other Oils Post

A little over a year ago I wrote a post highlighting all the doTerra essential oils our family was loving. I thought it might be interesting to see how our oil uses have evolved over the last year. In addition to the oils, I’ve incorporated several vitamins and supplements from doTerra … Read More

Creative Gifts for the Coach’s Wife in Your Life

It might seem early for a Mother’s Day gifts post, but I’m highlighting some items that will take more than Amazon’s 2-day Prime Shipping timeline to receive. There are so many creative and reasonably priced gifts out there these days! Additionally, the longer I reflect on things the more I … Read More

Our Blue Apron Experience

I was given a code to try Blue Apron completely free of charge. The code allowed for two-person meals to be free, family meals for three to four people to include a small additional charge, so I opted for the two person package. I was able to make a few … Read More