A Purposeful Life

Studying Beth Moore’s Bible Study on Esther I found myself wrestling with a challenging question. In Esther Chapter 4 Mordecai calls Esther to do more than sitting silently. Faced with the king’s edict drawing nearer Mordecai realizes that his niece is sitting in a position of influence. He sees the … Read More

Divine Surprise or Divine Disappointment

I’ve incorporated Carol Kent’s teaching on mentoring for as long as I can remember. Her focus on the actions of Jesus, practical examples, and loving approach to relational mentoring is a natural fit for my personality. Before I first read Becoming a Woman of Influence relational mentoring, I’d understood Master … Read More

Favorite Podcasts

These days I’m finding audiobooks and podcasts way more interesting than what I can pull up on TV! Whether I’m in the car, on a walk or working there is something playing in the background. This summer I’ve discovered several new podcasts that have quickly become new favorites. Here are … Read More

Eight Weeks Sheltering in Place

On March 12 David Brooks published a column in the New York Times titled Pandemics Kill Compassion Too, You may not like who you’re about to become. I have a lot of respect for David Brooks. He’s spent a lot more time studying character than I have and his book … Read More

Go, but Go in Christ

One of the hardest parts about learning to recognize God’s voice is discerning when I’m hearing him say yes or no, stay or go or whether it’ s my preferences that are guiding my decisions.  I’ve learned I can’t always depend on whether a choice makes sense or seems logical. … Read More