Living in the Both / And

Depending on where you live in the country, you may be about to turn the calendar on a full year of balancing working from home along with adjusting to homeschooling. Whether you’re figuring out a weekly new normal or facing weeks of the same monotonous routine, one thing we are … Read More

She Is My Delight

Tirzah is a Hebrew word meaning “she is my delight.” I stumbled across this word a few times as I was studying Scripture several years ago and became intrigued by the times it was used. Little did I know that the stirring in my heart surrounding this word would lead to a deep … Read More

A Purposeful Life

Studying Beth Moore’s Bible Study on Esther I found myself wrestling with a challenging question. In Esther Chapter 4 Mordecai calls Esther to do more than sitting silently. Faced with the king’s edict drawing nearer Mordecai realizes that his niece is sitting in a position of influence. He sees the … Read More

Divine Surprise or Divine Disappointment

I’ve incorporated Carol Kent’s teaching on mentoring for as long as I can remember. Her focus on the actions of Jesus, practical examples, and loving approach to relational mentoring is a natural fit for my personality. Before I first read Becoming a Woman of Influence relational mentoring, I’d understood Master … Read More

Favorite Podcasts

These days I’m finding audiobooks and podcasts way more interesting than what I can pull up on TV! Whether I’m in the car, on a walk, or working there is something playing in the background. This summer I’ve discovered several new podcasts that have quickly become new favorites. Here are … Read More