Being Still

As our country, really as a world really, we’ve experienced an unusual opportunity to slow down considerably in the last few weeks. Not surprisingly, when the first announcements about different athletic events, colleges, and conferences closing trickled out Americans didn’t handle things well. The lack of communication as to when things would end was disconcerting.  … Read more

Adoration Devotions

As I focus on my one word for 2020 pursue and pursuing God more intentionally this year I’m revisiting different Bible study and prayer disciplines I’ve incorporated through the years beginning with adoration. Growing up in the church you will likely learn a lot of catchy phrases that come to form a language of their … Read more

Thanksgiving Reflections

There are so many things to be thankful for in 2019: Our health A new space to live in that we love Great jobs we both enjoy (and new clients for Beth this year with smooth transitions yay!) Our boys are doing well in school Upcoming opportunities in 2020 A fun trip to see family … Read more

The Choice to Listen

As I’ve already said, human being can reason nearly anything they want to be true. Yet people who oppose my Christian views are rarely willing to discuss their own problematic thinking, including their desires, and how their desires potentially affect their arguments. Mary Jo Sharp – Why I Still Believe When I finished typing the … Read more