What I’ve Learned – Summer 2018

I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman today for a quarterly reflection she fondly titles “What I’ve Learned”. Here’s What I’ve learned: Vacations are Needed! This summer I was reminded that we all need a vacation, even when we love our job. We had a great time with family and … Read More

What I Learned: Fall 2017

This fall our family experienced the first season of high school football on the sidelines. It was entirely different for our boys who only knew the chaos of college football seasons. They kept asking why my husband was around! What I learned in the Fall of 2017: I learned that … Read More

What I’ve Learned Summer 2017

This has been a summer of many firsts for our family. As we’ve entered a new rhythm it seems fitting to pause and reflect. I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman’s quarterly post. Her new podcast The Next Right Thing has become a fast favorite of mine. Here Are Five … Read More