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What I’ve Learned – Summer 2018

What I’ve Learned – Summer 2018

What I've Learned Summer 2018

I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman today for a quarterly reflection she fondly titles “What I’ve Learned”.

Here’s What I’ve learned:

Vacations are Needed!

This summer I was reminded that we all need a vacation, even when we love our job. We had a great time with family and for the first time in three years, I barely worked for 5 days straight. Contract work means that when I don’t work I don’t get paid, but the thing is I have amazing bosses who understand the need to prioritize family. I’ve learned my lesson and I’m striving for a better work/life balance in 2019 (and sooner!)

Quality Time is Important

I also learned that even when celebrating 17 years of marriage I can still surprise myself and my husband by trying something new. My husband’s main hobby is football, but when he gets the time he will head to the gun range. The son of a police officer he grew up hunting. This is not a hobby I’m interested in, but I’m interested in my man so I surprised him with a date at the range and learned I can fight my fears and learn something new when I’m willing to try!

I Need to Drop the Guilt Trip

Football season has started here and that means we’re stashing strategies to save time and reduce stress. I’ve felt so guilty about paying for a membership to have groceries delivered, but the reality is when I look at my calendar it’s the most logical thing to do to save time (and money!) it’s crazy that paying for someone to deliver our groceries saves money but it’s hard to toss stress induced impulse buys into the cart when they aren’t there to see!

That’s one of 6 things saving my sanity right now. Read the about the other five here.

Audiobooks are the Bomb!

I’ve been listening to autobiographies lately and I’m learning so much about life by hearing other people’s perspectives. It’s important to me to make sure I’m not siloing my perspective by only listening to people I agree with, but there is a LOT of noise out there on the internet.

I’ve learned that some books that are hyped up are not worth my time while others are exactly what I needed to hear.

What I Learned: Fall 2017

What I Learned: Fall 2017

What I've Learned

This fall our family experienced the first season of high school football on the sidelines. It was entirely different for our boys who only knew the chaos of college football seasons. They kept asking why my husband was around!

What I learned in Fall of 2017:

I learned that the time spent planting seeds in our sons when they young about serving our football teams have taken root and begun to sprout.


I learned God has been leading me towards a life statement through experiences for quite awhile, but things look clearer now. Read my life statement here.

I learned I can write 31 blog posts, but other things will need to be set aside to accomplish the goal.

31 Days on Delight

I learned that sometimes God uses the craziest situations can remind you of how present he is in our lives.

Psalm 73:22-24

I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman for What I’ve Learned Fall 2017. Head over there to see what others are saying!

What I’ve Learned Summer 2017

What I’ve Learned Summer 2017


This has been a summer of many firsts for our family. As we’ve entered a new rhythm it seems fitting to pause and reflect. I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman’s quarterly post. Her new podcast The Next Right Thing has become a fast favorite of mine.

Here Are Five Things I’ve Learned This Summer:

My Boys Are Strong

They are stronger than I’d like them to have to be. But we are striving to live life obeying God first, even when it’s hard:

As I summarized, I said something like, “I know it’s hard, but I think God wants you to choose him to be your most important friend, and then he will help you find friends who will encourage you to keep him first.”  Tears welled up in my son’s eyes. “Mom, I don’t want to have to learn this lesson,” he said.

Anniversary 16 We’re Stronger Than Ever

Dear Ordell ,The 16-year anniversary gift is silver…

I’m an Enneagram 2 and I’m learning how to stay healthy. It’s making me a better wife.

Work/Life Balance

This summer was the first time I’ve worked from home 100%. We balanced camps and errands and time just being home. We ran to the library, exercised together and separately, and we all lived to see the beginning of the school year.

I Can Learn Important Lessons From Life Experiences I Haven’t Had

In this first book from Shauna Shanks, she invites us into the most heartbreaking event of her life. In 2013 her husband asked her for a divorce and had an affair. She transparently presents her journey from lukewarm Christian, mom, and wife who defined herself as “comfortable in her box” to a woman deeply in love with her God and her husband.

Although I have not been through the experiences Shauna writes about I still found myself relating to her journey. Shauna pointed out that she found her story mirrored in scripture because it was about much more than her marriage. God was pursuing her heart, her husband’s heart, and even their marriage.

Cold Brew Coffee

I was so excited when a friend posted this link. Cold Brew all summer long for a fraction of the price. Our local Starbucks is usually out of Cold Brew before 9 am, but I’m no longer concerned about that! I love cold brew! It’s easy to make and with less acid, I can drink it more often!

There’s My Five!

Curious to know more about what inspired this post? Take a few minutes and listen to Emily P. Freeman’s Podcast Episode #4. I’ve printed out my pages for next quarter’s list. It’s football season, which means my lessons are likely to be completely different. But I’ll let you know for sure November 30th. You can also check out what other’s are learning on Emily’s blog!

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