Thank God for Powersheets

2018 Powersheets Lessons From The Sidelines

I haven’t written much about Powersheets this year, but I have used them faithfully and this month I realized they are an invaluable part of my daily routine. The process of reflecting on the month as it comes to an end is great, but it is the Tending List which has helped me establish boundaries an follow through on goals.

This month has been one of the craziest I’ve experienced in a very long time. It’s a month of my own doing, and I am in not bragging when I say I am juggling so many things I drop one of them at least once a day. I’ve had to reschedule more meetings with friends than I care to admit and I’m not exaggerating when I say the ONLY reason my family has had dinner is due to an amazing sale Prep.Freeze.Cook had in August coupled with a day of freezer meals I stashed.

It’s amazing how productive one can be when they know they are heading into a season where there is little to no margin and yet still not take steps to avoid the season altogether. But that is a subject for another day!

When my days are full to overflowing during football season I become reliant on the alarm of my Google calendar, but there are many things that need my attention that I don’t consider calendar appointments. Exercise, devotions, writing, volunteering and time spent planning dates with all the men in my house are important, but not calendar appointments.

This is why Powersheets has become my favorite tool for prioritizing and remembering.

The Tending List divides items into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Each space allows for notes and tracking. Let’s be honest, when the to-do list seems endless it’s even more satisfying to checkmark tasks complete! But I’ve learned something more important than writing out a to-do list this month.

By taking a few minutes at the beginning of the month to acknowledge that even in a very busy time there are things that are important for self-care and family care I wrote out my true priorities. As the month continued and balls were occasionally dropped I could look at my Tending List and remind myself that I was doing my best to balance everything, including my family’s needs.

There were some days where I knew I had things to do and I couldn’t figure out where to start. A quick glance at my Tending List would remind me of where I needed to focus my time. There were also days where I knew I needed to conserve my energy. Again, that simple list helped me to make quick decisions. I knew I could trust the list because I had spent so much time planning out and praying over my priorities earlier in the month.

Powersheets go on sale tomorrow and I’m so excited to get my 2019 set ordered! If you are looking for a system to help you stay organized when you have margin in your life and when things get overbooked, I encourage you to check out Lara Casey’s website Cultivate What Matters.

We cannot cultivate what we do not prioritize. And while I hope never to have another month that is quite as intense as this one has been, I’ve been a coach’s wife long enough to know that it’s more likely than not to repeat itself! I’m thankful for a tool that allows me to reflect on all areas of my life and prioritize what I value.

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