The Abundant Life Part 2

The AbundantLife

It’s pretty rare to hear from a man at a women’s conference, I’m so glad Curtis Jones was brave enough to join us!

Curtis spoke of the glory and the grind of the abundant life. His challenge regarding faith was to accept that “If it’s not true in the glory and the grind then it’s not true.”

For me, this statement is one I’ve wrestled with over the past years as desperate prayer requests have gone unanswered.  I believe God loves me and has a special call on my life just as he does for everyone.  That is the glory as Curtis presented it.  The grind comes in accepting that God loves me and has a special call on my life when I’m crying out to be helped and the answer seems to be silence.

The glory was having two children who were both born under stressful health circumstances and born prematurely at that, who are thriving and healthy.  The grind comes in the overwhelming days of having kids 20 months part who were both surprises.

The glory is present in having a thriving ministry and the ability to spend time on it.  The grind comes in balancing a life that includes ministry but is not all consuming.

The glory for the disciples was running to an empty tomb knowing Jesus has risen from the dead.  The grind came in seeing Jesus die a terrible death.

Life is full of circumstances that include the glory and the grind. Our faith is determined by our belief in the grind.  For me, this often comes in the form of simply praying the names of God.  Reminding myself of the promises God gives us of who he says he is and how he has revealed the character traits.  When I am faithful to give God the glory in the grind, he is always faithful to remind me of his presence.