The Abundant Life Part 3

I’m actually a bit of a newbie when it comes to She Reads Truth.  I did the Open Your Bible study and just signed up for emails not too long ago. Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams have adorable personalities, which you can see a bit of in the videos for Open Your Bible.  That being said, I loved hearing straight from these women at the Abundance Conference in February.

As She Reads Truth was presented, it was explained the mission of She Reads Truth is to encourage women in the word of God every day.  I love that!  In fact, it’s one of the goals of our college ministry as well.  Raechel Myers was incredibly transparent.  She pointed out that she isn’t formally trained in theology, and yet the Holy Spirit will illuminate what has already been inspired when we pause to pray before reading scripture.  Can I tell you how impacting that statement can be to someone just beginning to be brave enough to read the bible?  Amanda went on to remind us that we will see Jesus more clearly through the lense of a community.  Whether our community is online, a small group or church, we were created for relationship.

Are you looking for a place to begin to study scripture?  There are many great resources out there.  IF Equip, She Read Truth, Lysa Terkeurst’s First 5 app.  There are also reading plans through Bible Gateway.  The point is not who you study the scripture with, but that you dive in.  As Raechel said, the word is already inspired, our role is to read it and receive it for ourselves.