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Amazing Wives

Our lives are unique. We live just off to the side of public view. We are recognized by association first rather than our name. Coach’s wife, rather than entrepreneur, businesswoman, or even our first name in most cases.

The shadow of the limelight is not an easy place to exist. It often feels like it requires that we put our husband’s career goals and passions before our own. Sometimes we have to give up jobs we love or have a hard time establishing careers due to the number of moves we have made. It can be stressful on our marriages, and stressful on us.

Other times we feel finances prevent us from taking the leap into new ventures, choosing the security of a consistent paycheck over the risk of what could be.

But regardless of how important the rest of the world may view our work, as coaches’ wives, we know that contributing to the household income in any way we choose is amazing.

I’ve spent a significant amount of time over the last year getting to know coaches’ wives and learning all about the amazing ways they are thriving in their careers. Wives are launching online businesses, creating nonprofit ministries, courageously starting second careers, and taking small side businesses and launching them into full-blown companies. And let me tell you I am HERE FOR IT ALL!

I’m so amazed with the inginuity, passion, creativity and wisdom of the coaches’ wives I’m meeting around the country and I just know there are more of you out there!

Not only coaches’ wives! Wives of athletes, former athletes, former coaches, Athletic Directors, anyone connected with athletics. You are out there and I want to promote you!

Over the next few months, I’ll be featuring wives who are thriving in careers they love. Will you let me promote you too? To get started:

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