The Coach’s Wife Newsletter

Several months ago I was contacted by my coaching wife friend Carolyn Allen.  Carolyn has written a very sweet book about the coaching life The Coach’s Wife.  She also writes a monthly newsletter that has been a wonderful resource for me over the years.

This month I was given the chance to share a bit of what is happening on our campus!

Here is my article…

My husband is a Football Coach, and we have 2 sons.  God has absolutely given me a passion for my roles both as Mama and Coach’s Wife, but before either of those roles were present love for college women were planted in my heart.  I have been incredibly blessed to be welcomed into the Spiritual Formation group as a volunteer on our campus, and even more blessed to see God moving this semester in part thanks to the IF Gathering Conference and IF Table.

Our passion for loving and supporting college students during their college years had developed when we were college students. Having attended a private Christian college, it was my husband’s football coaches who had lived their lives in such a way that a personal relationship with Jesus became a priority to him. It was through football, that my husband had made his faith his own. Ordell had always known he wanted to be a football coach, and with his commitment to Jesus, his desire shifted slightly. His passion for football never lessened, but now, his desire for using football as a way to show Christ to others was also present.

In almost 14 years of marriage, we have only moved schools 4 times. This last move, less than 2 years ago brought our family to Bluefield College in Bluefield, Virginia. It was shortly after I had read Jennie Allen’s book Anything. To read the rest CLICK HERE