The Comparison Game

Friday Night Wives Contributing Writer

I’m over at Friday Night Wives today writing about comparison.  Here’s a preview:

My husband’s aunt has, well, a specific pallet when it comes to recipes. While I try to stay within her preferred limits as often as possible, our family’s preferred zucchini preparation was well outside the lines. To my surprise, Auntie raved about this side dish and later called to ask for the recipe.

Grilled Zucchini:

Slice lengthwise

Add to taste:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar (Fig balsamic if you can find it)
Grill until cooked, but still firm.

Auntie was surprised, but proceeded to inform me of her pending substitutions:

Auntie’s Version:

Place zucchini and in a skillet with butter and sauté.

Add to taste:

Red wine vinegar

I bet you can guess what happened next, right? A week or so later I received a call. Auntie’s recipe was disappointing, and she wondered where she had gone wrong.

Here’s the thing, she still thought her version tasted fine; it just wasn’t the same. And somehow that made it worse than my version

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