Entering 2019 with a New Posture

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A new city bus driver recently took a turn too sharply and took out a stop sign at a busy intersection near our home. As you might imagine, this created confusion for our community.

There were generally two responses:

  • Some people continued stopping even though the sign was gone, whether they were aware it had disappeared or were stopping purely out of habit.
  • Some people drove according to the current rules of the road, which meant they didn’t even pause at the intersection.

This scenario caused confusion and stress any time cars met at the intersection. Some cars would stop while others maintained their speed through the intersection. At times, I would catch the moment of realization when a driver realized the stop sign they were abiding by wasn’t there. These misunderstandings and assumptions caused more than one near miss.

One day, as I was observing the confusion, a nagging question floated through my mind: Are you clinging to a stop sign that no longer exists?

The question didn’t sit well with me, and I couldn’t shake it off. There in front of me was a visual example of what happens when we stop where the path is clear. Every car that paused where no sign required it risked being rear-ended and confused every other car in its path.

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