The Pros and Cons of Moving

pros and cons of moving

I’m writing over at Friday Night Wives about when to move your family. Here’s a preview of my post The Pros and Cons of Moving:

Well, it’s moving season! Coaching families all over the country are announcing they are in the process of moving or will soon relocate. It’s the dreaded time of year when the unavoidable question rears again. Should we move now or later?

Of course, this question is the tip of the iceberg followed by: 
Where should we live? 
Buy or rent? 
Work or stay home? 
Where should we place the kids in school?

While I’m not going to attempt to answer all these questions today, we are going to cover the pros and cons of moving mid-year.

The positives of moving right away, in general, begin with the fact that as a family you will spend less time apart. Regardless of how great your new town is, moving is stressful and the ability to lean on each other in person every day is a huge benefit.

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