The Season After the Season

We have a few weeks left of the football season, less than 10 practices mean the transition to “post-season” has mentally begun in our house.  On the way to the game on Halloween, our almost 9-year-old commented on how “fast” this season has been.  I have to disagree when I look at the calendar and realize we’ve been “In Season” since the last week in July.  At the same time, I have to admit I’m looking forward to an unscheduled weekend.

As the season wraps up I often answer the same conversations.  I have to preface this by saying that (thankfully) these questions are not asked by our current campus’ administration.  New fans from the community or a random parent at school seem to be the most curious.

End of the season questions:

1-So, what will Ordell do now that he has all this free time?

Ummm….I have no idea because he has no free time.  Yes, the competition on the field is over for now, but on top of keeping his current players engaged the recruiting season is ramping up.  Hard as this might be to believe, it’s quite possible we’ll see less of our favorite coach until signing day.

2-I saw on Twitter the team met at 5 am, isn’t that a lot of sitting around for the staff until practice? 

NOPE!  A 5 am meeting means the coaches might actually get through their whole “to do” list before practice.  (Why 5 am? It’s the only time the teams can occupy the computer labs uninterrupted.)  After that 5 am meeting there are team lifting sessions, a staff meeting, film breakdown and evaluation, phone calls and emails to return, individual player meetings. more team lifting, study hall, team position meetings then practice planning.  Don’t forget in the middle of that recruiting is still going on.

3-Are you taking a vacation after the season? 

No, unless by vacation you mean tagging along on a recruiting trip.  Besides the fact that our kids are in public school there is no time for a family vacation in the middle of the school year.

4-So, what will Ordell do until next August? OR What is Ordell’s other job? 

At the risk of sounding repetitive…recruit.  Yep, I know it doesn’t sound like it should take up all that much time, but I’m here to tell you there are never enough days on the calendar for recruiting. Some coaches teach or adjunct at their schools, some coaches work outside jobs.  We have been blessed to be able to have Ordell almost exclusively coach with the occasional adjuncting if it worked out.  The days are rarely 9-5 even after November.  When recruiting comes into play students aren’t available until 4 pm or later.  The days are filled with continued meetings with current players in group and individual settings.  Leadership development and weight lifting go year-round.  Players will practice on their own until spring when a whole other season called “Spring Ball” comes around.  Additionally, meetings with professors, college VP’s, other coaches and vendors all occur throughout the weeks leading up to summer.

5-Will the boys get more of Ordell’s attention after the season?

Honestly, no and that’s because Ordell is a very present father regardless of the season.  He drives them to school, plays video games with them when he gets home sometimes delaying dinner to do so.  He’s awake with them in the mornings some days through the week and carves out time for special activities like going to a movie or shooting some hoops on the weekend.  Quality time will likely not change.  Quantity time may increase, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more attention.

6-Will your schedule clear up after the season?

Yes!  But this doesn’t have anything to do with the end of football.  My season clears up because the college semester is wrapping up and both of my campus roles slow down when school isn’t in session.  The timing on this is perfect since a traveling husband means less flexibility for me.

Society often encourages the label of “busy” to be worn as a badge of honor.  For some people, busyness is a choice.  For a football coach (outside of choosing the profession in the first place) a busy schedule is a given…year round.