The Unveiled Wife by Jennifer Smith

The Unveiled Wife is the incredibly honest and well-written story of Aaron and Jennifer Smith’s first 5 years of marriage. Written by Jennifer, the book takes the reader on her journey to learn how to truly become the wife God called her to be.

If you are at all familiar with the blog Unveiled Wife you are aware that 4 years into marriage the Smith’s were still unable to experience intercourse due to Jennifer’s severe sensitivity to parabens. This frustration was one that touched every part of the Smith’s marriage and as the disappointment of unmet expectation clouded Jen’s thoughts and emotions her life path began to take her down a journey she never anticipated walking.

I found this book to be a sensitive balance between the author’s desire, to be honest about a subject that isn’t spoken about often in Christian settings, and at the same time, it was written in a way that I found sensitive and respectful. Smith does not simply focus on sex in this book. She writes about her life and choices prior to marriage, and how her relationship with Jesus was directly affected by unanswered prayers.

The Unviled Wife by Jennifer Smith Book Cover Photo

As Jen began to surrender to marriage to God she began to learn about the desires God has for wives through scripture, mentoring and sermons. Defining her desire to present herself to her husband and God as Unveiled, Jen tells her story, her convictions and what she learned.

I could not help but begin to desire to become unveiled myself. The picture painted of what that true intimacy could look like in marriage and my relationship with Jesus became clear and worth the effort.