They’re All Gonna Know Me


A few weeks ago we attended our first high school curriculum night. Yep, that’s right. Next year we will have a freshman in our home and I think we are all hoping the weeks before August are slow and steady.

As we headed into the cafeteria to speak with teachers our son quickly realized something. Everyone already knew his dad. He turned and whispered “They’re all gonna know aren’t they?”

When They All Ready Know Your Dad

I was a little surprised this reality was just sinking in since my husband has taught and coached at the high school for two seasons. I’m not sure if E was hoping that he would blend in with the other students or that his teachers would over look the matching last names.

Regardless, all I could do was smile. “Sorry Bud, they already know who you are, and that’s not a bad thing.” was my response. Thankfully, we moved through the rest of the evening pretty smoothly, collected our information and went home to absorb the evening.

Of course August is still several months away, but I’ve chatted with a few coaching families and have an idea of what life may be like for our freshman next year.

There are benefits to being known. When you have a hard day you may have a little extra grace extended. Regardless, it’s likely your teachers will give your parents a heads up since they have quicker access to chat with them.

While it may not be seen as a benefit from the student’s perspective, as a parent, another benefit of having a teacher as a parent is that the other teachers are willing to push your student to try a little harder in class because they know they will have back up from parents.

On the expectations side, coaches kids and teachers kids who find themselves in the middle of a student conflict or hanging out with students labled troublemakers are likely to hear about it quickly and loudly. This can make it more challenging to make friends in some situations, but those are likely the scenarios you don’t want your kids to be a part of anyway.

Since it’s unavoidable, it’s important to remember that yes, the teachers are likley to recognize your student by name before they enter the building. So, take some time remind them about your conduct expectations.

Ultimately, whether your child has a parent in their school or not, there is a standard by which you expect them to conduct themselves. Knowing you are just down the hall is just an extra layer of incentive for them to make good choices.

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