Things I Learned This Summer – 2019

What I Learned Summer 2019

What a summer! Looking back it’s definitely one of the most chaotic I can think of, ranking right up there with the summer we got married and the summer Elijah was born.

This summer involved a lot of changes and transitions

1.The first thing I learned is that my boys understand how hard moving is and their desire to continue to plant roots in our community runs deep. As we packed up our house once again (this time for a move around the corner) I saw them struggling to let go of some items they found buried in their rooms as if the object meant also letting go of the memory.

2. I also learned my boys are good at setting up their own space. I bought them new writing desks and bookshelves which they put together themselves. They each set up their rooms, figured out what they wanted hanging up and how to decorate. We picked out the last few items this week to make them feel comfy in their new spaces.

3. While focusing on wrapping up a writing project I spent the summer on my blog focusing on celebrating the successes of other coaches’ wives living out their calling. I learned that I LOVE celebrating women doing life well. It was SUCH a fun project to put together each blog article and learn a little more about how the wives are incorporating their strengths and passions into their work. You can start the series here.

4. I learned that every anniversary should be celebrated, even if it means the chaos has to continue for a few extra days. Our boys were at a youth group retreat over anniversary weekend 18. We spent the days alternating between packing and cleaning. We did go out for dinner, however, in a time when marriages seem to break up after only a few years (or less) looking back, I feel we could have done a better job of acknowledging the hard work of staying together as long as we have.

5. I learned that my favorite part of every summer is still when my guys take their annual weekend away. And maybe this says more about my need to rest after a very chaotic season than anything else.

Unfortunately, football season is here which means rest isn’t going to be easy to come by. I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman for What I Learned. Head to hear blog to see what others have to say.

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