Three Years Ago A Thyroid Health Update

living with hypothroidism

Three years ago as the calendar turned to November, an inventory of my appearance revealed multiple signs my thyroid had slipped further out of range than ever before. My hair was falling out, my fingernails were so brittle they cracked deep into the nail bed, and I had gained a significant amount of weight. Further signs included the fact that massive amounts of caffeine did nothing to shake the exhaustion that drove me to nap every afternoon.

By the time I arrived at my endocrinologist’s office in January I was so desperate for help I would have taken any pill he handed me. Thankfully, I was in the right place because not only was I given new pills, they were the right pills to best support my thyroid.

This November my journey to sustained quality health has hit a milestone. My endocrinologist has declared my thyroid “in range” meaning that my medicine has balanced things and is supporting my thyroid to produce the correct hormones. After over 80 lbs lost, and 19 dosage adjustments my body has stabilized.

This does not mean I’m cured. It only means I am on the right medicine. When I feel tired, it’s because I need to sleep, not because my thyroid function is not balanced. When I gain a few pounds, it’s because I overindulged and now need to get back on track with diet and exercise.

I’m still sensitive to cold, and I still need to pace myself allowing my body and mind to rest after busy days. I do best when I don’t consume gluten or dairy. I fight to lose weight as my body holds on to it.

The past three years have flown by in many ways, but what stands out to me the most is how much I remember. Clarity of mind is included in my new quality of life. I cannot express strongly enough how vital it is that your thyroid health is treated by a specialist. Even if it’s a once a year confirmation of information and treatment from your general practitioner, it has been my experience that a vital aspect of sustained health includes considering the opinions of specialists.

Had I known the what feeling well would be like I wouldn’t have waited as long as I did to get the help I needed. The next time my thyroid needs a medicine adjustment I’ll speak up immediately and get back to living life.

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